Welcome To St. Xavier's College, Dumka                         

St. Xavier’s college, Dumka has got affiliation to S.K.M. University, Dumka and its principal
administrative units are:
* The Governing Body and
*The Managing committee
* The admission process starts immediately after the class XII results are declared. Students who
are desirous of admission in this college must complete the admission procedures and get
himself/herself registered within the notified time period.
*Candidates must have good knowledge of English language.
* Parents and guardians should know that their wards are admitted under the strict understanding
that the students must be present for all the college lectures and tests.
* The college office must be notified of any change of address after the admission.
* The following traits must be seen in every Xaverian:
* Decency in dress and decorum in behaviour
* Punctuality and regularity
* Disciplined approach to your life in college and to your studies in particular
* Adherence to secular values and ideals.
* Commitment to your studies and any other extra curricular activities that you undertake while
in college.
* Awareness of social conditions around you and in the world and a compassionate response to it.
* A scientific out-look.

* Show your identity card at the gate when entering the college and always keep it in your person while in college.
*The entire college is “NO SMOKING ZONE”. Respect it.
* Punctuality is to be maintained in attendance of classes and tests and for any appointment.
* Use of tobacco, alcohol etc. Are strictly prohibited in the campus.
* Bringing in outsiders to the college is strictly prohibited.
* Loitering or littering in the college is strictly prohibited
* Any kind of violent conduct in the college is strictly prohibited.
* Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the campus.
* Health/safety rules are to be strictly obeyed.
* Secular ideals must be upheld.
* Decorum in dress and behaviour must be maintained at every level.
* Damage should not be caused to any college property in any form.
* Decent behaviour even outside the college is expected of every student.


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